This is an extremely clean and stylish project of a wooden house with a spacious living room and an attic above the bedrooms. The internal layout is very functional, as from the entrance hall you can move to an open to the centrally positioned living room or to a service storage and / or boiler room. The living room, on the other hand, has a richly lit side of the veranda in front of the house and is open to the kitchen-dining area. This area also overlooks the veranda and has direct access to it. The front of the house has no intermediate ceiling and the volume is up to the ridge of the roof, and creates a feeling of space, which is emphasized by the generous glazing.

In the back of the house are situated two bedrooms, a wardrobe and a drying / ironing room, as well as a large bathroom with toilet. From the vestibule in front of the bedrooms there are stairs that lead to the attic in this half of the house, and a second internal staircase leads to the same level, which can be separated as an attic warehouse or a common part of the attic.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. entrance hall - 5.3m²; 2. Warehouse / boiler room - 4.3 m3; 3.9. entrance hall / lobby - 4 m8.3; 5. bath - 13.3m²; 6. bedroom - 12.6m²; 7. wardrobe / drying / ironing room - 18.7m²; 8. bedroom - 31.4m²; 9. living room - 14.4m²; with dining room - XNUMXm².

Additionally: 10. porch in front of the house - 32.8m²;

1st room - 26.5m².

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