Making a hedge-pot from a junk plastic bottle is a great way to create fun artistic decoration with handy tools. Awakening to life in the spring of the hedgehogs, these lovely mammals, and sinking them into hibernation during the cold months is symbolically tied to the development of most plants that you can plant in this vessel. It can also be used for year-round decoration by selecting perennial plant species. However, regardless of the choice of seeds, the main part is an example of how beauty can be recycled through recycling. All you need is a plastic bottle with the right volume and decoration materials. This can be hemp or other rope, zebra, fabric or paint to cover the plastic, as well as additional material for the details and possibly reinforcement.

Method of production:

Once you have chosen the plastic bottle for the pot, you need to cut part of its wall to shape the area for the plants. This hole can vary in size and depending on the choice of planting species. If you are going to use the idea as a garden decoration, you should also drill a sufficient number of drainage holes at the opposite end. If you plan to plant the "hedgehog" with cacti, grass, spices or other plants at home, you probably won't need these holes. You should apply a coating on the plastic. The most suitable are twine or sackcloth, but you can also decorate with materials of your choice, which can be glued, rolled or just colored. You should shape the snout from the bottle cap, eyelets. Here you can invest a lot of creativity, including using more elements and decorations. If you think that your "hedgehog" will not be stable enough, then you should consider strengthening it. Gluing decorative legs is one of the options. When everything is ready, you just need to fill it with soil, plant the plants and choose its place. If you sow seeds instead of ready-made plants, you will need to patiently and carefully shape the "thorns" over time.

Here are some ideas: