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About Art Senses

Art Senses is an electronic publication for providing ideas and knowledge. They are gratuitous and do not bring financial or other benefits to the media. Art Senses publishes advertisements that allow revenue to be generated to cover the inherent costs incurred in the process of work.
Art Senses does not generate profit, but aims to raise awareness and knowledge of users in the main categories of the site.

Ownership of photos and publications

Art Senses creates, receives from users and collects free material from the free internet space without any indication of copyright of the images. Copyright images are published and the data is protected and treated in accordance with the published Privacy Policy. Each of the published photos goes through graphic processing for color, contrast, quality, editing, etc., which is why the signature is affixed. He does not claim authorship.
Art Senses will immediately remove any image that its creator has disagreed with and has provided indisputable proof of authorship.

All texts on the Art Senses site are created by site editors or provided by third parties in the form of articles.

Ownership of third-party publications and content

Art Senses has the right to publish, at its sole discretion, foreign materials received, and is not responsible for the property, but only for the content. Aggressive, offensive or discriminatory content will not be tolerated in any post or commentary.
The Art Senses team believes that any attempt at such behavior or unintentionally omitted text by the editors will be promptly reported by users.

Implementation of ideas proposed on the site

Art Senses is not responsible for the unsuccessful implementation of the ideas proposed on the site.
Art Senses recommends that only those who have the culinary experience adequate to the complexity of the relevant recipes should engage in cooking. Variations are possible depending on many factors in products and in taste. The units indicated are indicative and allow differences in ratios of up to 20% of the specified value converted to standardized weight and / or volume meters.
Art Senses does not in any way encourage, but on the contrary - recommends to be avoided by persons without the proper knowledge, experience or qualification, work with cutting, drilling or other mechanical and / or electrical devices and tools that have the risk of injury.
Art Senses warns that the construction of any type of structure by persons without the necessary education poses a risk of injury or injury.


Art Senses will supplement and modify these Terms, as well as its Privacy Policy at any time, to meet the changing environment and needs of its users.


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