The Seven Rila Lakes is undoubtedly the most visited lake group by tourists. A great place to visit, both in winter and winter sports, and in the summer when the snow is already melted and the lakes are more beautiful than ever.

The seven Rila Lakes are of glacial origin, situated in a stepped fashion between 2095 and 2535 meters above sea level and occupy depressions on the slopes of the mountain. They were formed during the last ice age about one million years ago. As they melt, they have been recessed into recesses in the folds of Rila. All the lakes are connected to each other by streams, and in the lowest located Lower Lake the waters of all other lakes are collected. Located in picturesque circuses under no less beautiful mountain peaks and ridges, lakes Bottom, Fish, Kidney, Gemini, Eye, Tear and Shamrock can be safely circled within 4-5 hours.