Roof windows VELUX are an important element in the implementation of the concept of energy efficient house
Calmness, healthy living in harmony with nature, and resilience. Today, these are not just words devoid of content. We live in a world where the thought of nature and how to leave a smaller imprint of our activity on it is becoming more and more comprehensive and exciting. Living in harmony with the world around you, sparing nature and enjoying every moment of your contact with it - these are important moments in life that make it better and maybe - a more real idea. .
Captivated by their dream to have their own home, built according to the idea of ​​environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, almost three years ago a family from Sofia decided to leave the big city and live 12 km away. from the capital in the picturesque Ivanyane at the foot of Lyulin mountain. "We decided to build a house according to our requirements - the one we saw in our dreams; a house that fully meets our attitude and philosophy, "said the owner.

VELUX roof windows - an important element for achieving energy efficiency
The main requirement of the owners is that the construction is made of natural materials and the house is energy efficient. These conditions lie at the design stage, and the project itself is designed so as to achieve maximum utilization of incoming solar energy through the roof windows VELUX on the attic floor and thus increase the sunshine in the premises. "Thanks to this fact, as well as the insulation and the thickness of the walls, reaching 50 cm, it is not even necessary to heat the attic second floor in winter. Only in the coldest days or in cloudy weather we turn on the heating on the lower floor, thus as a result of the natural air circulation the whole house is heated ", the hostess commented.

The high and proven in practice energy efficiency of VELUX windows is one of the factors that made it difficult for the owners to choose roof windows on the second floor. "Even before we started standing in the house, I imagined just such a house with such windows. VELUX windows with their performance and very good insulation fit perfectly into our overall concept of an energy efficient house, "says the owner.
The desired climate in the house will be maintained thanks to roller blinds, which are to be installed to the roof and vertical windows on the second floor. They will further contribute to significantly achieving the desired temperature in winter and to cooling the house in summer, so that you do not have to use additional energy for heating or cooling. And during the hottest days of the year, the natural ventilation, achieved thanks to the appropriate arrangement of the windows, including the roof ones, creates coolness and comfort. "It saves us even on the hottest summer days," said the family. In addition to roller blinds, the owners have decided to buy outdoor awnings to maintain the ideal temperature at home.

Skylights provide light, space and comfort.

A total of 3 roof windows with top control are installed in the separate office on the second floor. Two of them are complemented by VELUX vertical windows, thus forming a bright and cozy place to work, relax with a cup of coffee and a good book or just for moments in contemplation of the beautiful nature around. "For me, adding the two vertical elements to the roof elements was very important - an element that I strongly adhered to - explains the owner. - These windows reveal a unique view of Vitosha Mountain. I love to sit there, work or rest, enjoying the exceptional panorama that opens before me. This is the corner of the house that I adore.
In addition to the beautiful views of the surrounding space, which are revealed by the skylights on the second floor, they are also a source of abundant light, letting in the bright rays of the sun in the home for most of the day. It is no coincidence that the abundance of light and space that the skylights provide make the office one of the best rooms in the whole house, which both hosts and guests love and prefer.

The bathroom next door is also equipped with a roof window, which offers a beautiful view of Sofia. In addition to the light and beauty that this window brings into the room, it also creates the feeling of space in an otherwise small bathroom. The extra visual volume it adds compensates for the strong bevel of the outer wall and creates a feeling of ample space.

Another skylight is located just above the internal staircase between the two floors, and the idea of ​​placing it there is not accidental. The window lets daylight into this generally darker part of the house, eliminating the need for artificial stair lighting. And this inevitably leads to a reduction in electricity costs. "We don't usually turn on the staircase lighting during the day. And on a full moon, when I have to go down the stairs, I don't use lighting even at night. The moonlight that enters through the skylight makes going down the stairs quite safe these nights.

The natural day and night light above the staircase as a whole creates a wonderful, natural atmosphere ", the hostess shares and adds:" I love the light, it is my inspiration. The abundance of light creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere throughout the house. It gives a feeling of space that charges me every time I enter the house. It creates a feeling of comfort and unity with nature. It makes me feel as if all nature has entered my home and filled it with beauty, freshness and energy.
To live in solitude with nature.
Caring for nature and privacy with it are guiding principles in family life. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the house is full of interesting interior solutions, aimed specifically at environmental friendliness and environmental sustainability. Most of the furniture in the home - cabinets, desks, chairs and armchairs - are old, but skillfully and with inspiration renovated. In addition, they are all wooden. Such are the windows, and the kitchen is also made entirely of wood. The clay floor of the bedroom on the first floor creates a unique feeling of inseparable connection with nature and closeness to the old Bulgarian traditions. "There is no room in our home for plastics or artificial materials," said the owner.

True to their dream of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, the family has turned their home into a natural part of the natural environment around. The house is surrounded by lots of greenery, and a small vegetable garden at one end of the yard, looked after with a lot of love and care, provides the owners with ecologically clean food.

"I do not miss life in Sofia. We have always wanted to live according to our attitude towards the world and according to our philosophy, and we have achieved it. We escaped the concrete and the enclosed spaces. We feel wonderful here - says the hostess and adds. - Here we welcome our children and grandchildren, who are happy to spend unforgettable moments in the light and comfort of our home in nature. We even managed to inspire other families to build their homes in harmony with nature.
"And what do VELUX roof windows give me? For me, these are the light - the comfort and wonderful feeling of being in a place bathed in light, as well as the warmth during the long winter months. I love my home, I love its light and coziness, and I always come home looking forward to enjoying the well-deserved rest that my corner under the sky in the attic office gives me. ”

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