The incredible architecture of the Spanish genius Anthony Gaudi still takes the breath away of anyone who touches a part of his heritage. Born in the distant 1852, thanks to his works he has jumped the trap of life and transience. Its unique style makes it a kind of icon of architecture, and the buildings created by it are absolutely unique. The rich ornamentation combined with precision and attention to detail turns his works into a fabulous extravaganza of colors and shapes. The most emblematic and still unfinished building is the Holy Family Cathedral (Sagrada Familia). Dedicated to Jesus, Joseph and Mary, this imposing building, rising 170 meters above the ground, has so far built only eight of the eighteen towers planned by Gaudi. Unfortunately, the original plans were burned during the Spanish Civil War, and although the completion of this temple has been resumed since 1940, it is not clear exactly eighty years later when it will be completed.