Like many brilliant architectural designs, the attic was also created by a Frenchman. In the 17th century, the French architect Francois Mansard began designing residential buildings so that the space under the roof would be habitable. This is his solution to the problem of housing shortages in Paris. Thus, the attic from a storage room becomes a residential one. Nowadays, a spacious attic is an equivalent, even often more preferred home. The interior solutions here have some peculiarities due to the limit in height in some parts of the premises. There is a possibility that the standard, mainly cabinet furniture will turn out to be unsuitable, which is why it is necessary to design ones that correspond to the individual parameters in the home. Modern building solutions in insulation allow to minimize the adverse effects of high temperatures in summer and low in winter, when the apartment is just under the roof, so that the attic becomes a pleasant and romantic place to live! On the other hand, thanks to VELUX roof windows, these insulation parameters are improved, and the attic is illuminated in a natural way and can even form a small folding balcony.

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