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    Bulgaria - tourism

    KARLOVO - the heart of Bulgaria

    Karlovo, a small sub-Balkan town, can easily be called

    Sinemorets - a paradise for beach and adventure

    Located on the Black Sea and at the mouth of the Veleka River,

    Sozopol - photos before and now

    Sozopol is an emblematic city on our Black Sea coast as a spiritual center

    Albena - the cleanest and undeveloped seaside resort in Bulgaria

    Albena is a beautiful seaside resort, situated in a picturesque and ecological way

    Fotin Falls

    Fotin Falls is one of the many wonderful places in the Rhodope Mountains

    Oh, Shipka!

    RIVERS OF SHIPKA Ivan Vazov, 11 August 1877 Let's carry

    The men's choir in Kalofer

    Like every year of Epiphany, Kaloferians will dress in

    The rock temple "St. Petka" above Trun works wonders

    There are one in the rocks above the main road in Tran


    Borovets, known until the mid-20th century as Chamkoria, is

    Oreshak village

    Village of Oreshak (Lovech District) is located in North-Western Bulgaria

    Zlatograd - magic in the Rhodopes

    Zlatograd is a unique outdoor museum that recreates its architecture

    Paradise Sprinkler Waterfall

    Walking to this bit of beauty, one feels the true power and

    Troyan Monastery "Assumption"

    Troyan Monastery - one of the most visited monasteries in Bulgaria, located

    Autumn in the Rhodope Mountains

    In autumn, they call the Eastern Rhodopes the "colorful mountain" because of the rich range

    Vacha Dam

    Vacha is a dam in southern Bulgaria, in the region of the Rhodopes,

    Dospat Dam

    Dospat Dam is located in the Western Rhodopes and one of the

    Pirin Mountain

    Pirin is one of the most beautiful and magnificent mountains in Bulgaria.

    The Rhodopes - the mountain of Orpheus

    There is no doubt if the Bulgarian mountain is one of the most intrusive

    The village of Leshten

    The first thing that will greet you in the village of Leshten is

    Hotnitsa Waterfall

    Hotnitsa Waterfall, also called Kaya Bunar is located about


    Tryavna is located in Central Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes

    The Tortoise Monastery

    The Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Cherepish monastery is another interesting landmark around Sofia,

    The Trigrad Gorge

    The Trigrad Gorge is the most magnificent of all in Bulgaria. It is

    The Seven Rila Lakes - Short of Paradise

    The Seven Rila Lakes is undoubtedly the most visited lake group by tourists.

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