The Troyan Monastery - one of the most visited monasteries in Bulgaria, located on the banks of the Cherni Osam River in the beautiful Troyan Balkans. The monastery is active, male. It is located in the village of Oreshak, 10 km from Troyan. Here are some interesting facts you need to know to see the Trojan Monastery through its stories and monastic secrets:
1. The Troyan Monastery is the third largest in Bulgaria after Rila and Bachkovo.
2. In the Troyan Monastery is kept the miraculous icon of the Holy Mother of God Troyuruchitsa.
3. Not only did he find shelter in the Troyan Monastery, but in 1872 he founded the only monastic revolutionary committee in the country, headed by Abbot Macarius.
4. The monastery can also see the room of King Boris III, as well as a Trojan living room from the Renaissance.
5. In the Church of the Assumption (in the southern courtyard of the monastery) in the marble tomb is laid the body of the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim - according to his own
a wish.
6. The church itself was painted by Zachary Zograph in the mid-19 century. Remarkable is the self-portrait of Zacharias himself, as well as the gallery with the donors of the monastery. It is believed that the images of an elephant and a lion on the eastern body of the monastery are also the work of the painter
7. The recipe for plum brandy prepared by the monks at the Troyan Monastery is kept secret, but some of the ingredients are known. One type of brandy is prepared with the addition of three herbs - oregano, St. John's wort and mountain savory. The other kind is "curative" with 40 herbs that soak for a certain amount of time, and then