The presented project of a one-storey house with a garage and two bedrooms demonstrates how a useful living area under 80 sq.m. a functional, practical and beautiful home can be formed. The total area of ​​the house is nearly 109 square meters, but over 30 of them are provided for a garage and boiler room and / or storage room next to it, and the rest are distributed between the entrance hall, entrance hall to the rooms, separate bathroom and toilet, living room, which can be divided into living room and kitchen areas, as well as two bedrooms. The general concept is for an extremely clean and practically zoned house, in which every square meter is functionally separate, and the rectangular shapes favor this feeling. The facade solution relies on contrast, as the roof, foundations and windows are opposed to the bright exterior walls, and several elements in wood tones, put an end to balance and harmony.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st entrance - 5.00m²; 2. entrance hall - 6.34 m3; 17.06. living room - 4m²; - 5m²; 5.20.bath- 6m²; 1.40. WC - 7m²; 12.87. bedroom - 8m²; 15.84. bedroom - 9m²; 24.00. Garage - 10 m7.20; XNUMX. Boiler room / storage room - XNUMX mXNUMX.

Useful living area - 77.62m²
Total area - 108.82m²

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