In the following lines we will present a unique domed house, built with great attention to detail, innovative and attractive, but at the same time comfortable and practical. When choosing a house, one of the fundamental factors on which we make a comparative analysis is the available budget. We almost always want to have a home that is stylish and at the same time cheap, environmentally friendly, functional and energy efficient. Monolithic and prefabricated houses compete with their advantages and disadvantages. A concept has been implemented here, which to a high extent manages to combine the positive and eliminate the negative sides of the two main types of construction. One of the most attacked aspects of prefabricated houses is the strength of the structure, although it is cheaper, is quick and easy to build, and allows for more non-standard design solutions, as well as to be built on hard-to-reach, close to nature, places. The unique geometry of the dome shapes is ensured by a structure considered one of the strongest and most stable in the universe. It is more resistant to adverse natural factors (wind, snow, earthquakes). Allows installation of photovoltaic panels without additional reinforcement. Although it is cheap and strong, it allows high functionality in a relatively small built-up area, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and an incredible feeling of calm and comfort. The volume of the sphere is one third smaller than that of the parallelepiped. Along with the lack of need for a roof, this is the mathematical reason why the house is cheaper and more energy efficient. Ventilation and airflow in the dome is different. The spherical shape causes a vortex of warm air, which returns to the floor where it warms in the cold. Dome forms have been found to indicate a beneficial effect on all living things. They are used in the architecture of temples in almost all world religions, which need a sense of calm, unity, security and a sense of sacred environment. The strong resemblance to the mother's womb gives additional archetypal sensations of warmth, coziness, harmony and inviolability.

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This is how a Bulgarian entrepreneur managed to create a phenomenal domed house in a short time and with little money and effort. With the patented connecting structural elements and the precise preparation, the assembly of the skeleton of this innovative home is practically a matter of hours. Composed of multiple triangles, this hemisphere allows the choice of light openings to be where it is most appropriate, and the distribution to be situated according to the optimal choice of direction. Unlike the angular shapes, here everything can be anywhere, and the price for all this completely finished, except for the electrical appliances or as it is often said - "turnkey", varies from only 25 thousand. BGN up to 40 thousand. BGN and depends mainly on the choice of finishing materials.

The interior design of this magnificent wooden house provokes with its clean vision and warm radiance. The natural softness of the wood paneling harmonizes unconditionally with the stone motifs of the flooring, and the insulation under both keeps the temperature in the dome constant, while the many optimally located bright openings ensure plenty of light during the day and amazing views of the stars at night. Everyone dreams of looking at the endless beauty of the night sky, but while in standard homes this is almost impossible or associated with huge costs, in the architecture of this innovative house, this goal is easily achieved.

All spaces are used to the maximum extent and provide amazing ergonomics of the volumes, allowing the creation of uncompromising functionality, creating an environment for quality and full life in harmony with nature. None of the comforts of modern kitchens are missing, but the details are so composed that they amaze with their sheer simplicity and efficient layout.

The bedroom is much larger than a significant part of such rooms in modern homes of the classic type, but also allows this view of infinity, which is unthinkable for them. The bathroom is quite large in size, and the materials used to complete it, again bring us closer to this natural connection with nature.

The left free volume above the living area forms a space with a lot of height and freedom, unknown for the cubic shapes and closing ceilings. The natural circulation and the roof vent do not allow air stagnation or possible smoke, but favor the formation of a fresh and ventilated environment.

Developed in two basic variants, with different diameters, this house can be built in a very short time, at a low price, but without compromising on quality or amenities. The smaller model, which is analogous to the version shown in the photos, has a diameter of about 6 meters and provides the comfort of a living room with kitchen, bathroom with toilet and useful closets on the first level, and a bedroom in half of the attic. volume, which can be reached by a comfortable internal staircase. In the larger version, the diameter is nearly 9 meters and this allows the separation of two or three bedrooms without losing comfort, volume or functionality, and construction costs are increased minimally.

Example of internal distribution of a small domed house:

Level 1 - Living room with kitchen - 22.50m2; Bathroom with toilet - 3.12m2; Staircase

Level 2 - Bedroom - 16.70m2; Staircase

Example of internal distribution of a large domed house:

Level 1 - Living room with kitchen - 39.55m2; WC - 2.30m2; Bedroom - 8.50m2; staircase

Level 2 - One or two bedrooms - 21.80m2; Bathroom with toilet - 5.70m2; Staircase

The domes can be connected to each other and thus increase the useful living space to infinity. Although an investor is still being sought for its series production, this beautiful domed wooden house can be built anywhere, whether with a building permit or a building permit, and bank financing can be provided for its construction. Its price is 25 thousand. BGN for fully completed with included project and basic materials up to no more than 40 thousand. BGN if the choice of finishing works includes the use of high price details.

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