We present you a magnificent project of a unique, beautiful and functional house with attic floor and garage. The garage can be accessed from the side yard, by car from the central alley or from the hall. It also has an approach to the boiler room, with both rooms having windows. The entrance hall leads to the lobby, which is the connection between a small room (study or bedroom), a bathroom with toilet, a closet, a staircase to the attic floor and the living room that occupies the main part of the floor. It is open, richly glazed and functionally divided into three zones - kitchen, dining room and living room. The kitchen is optional separated by a curved raft. There is a fireplace in the living room and the dining table is next to tall windows. Both areas lead to a small veranda with a wide staircase to the lovely back yard.

From the entrance hall, the attic enters the three attic bedrooms, all of which have private small terraces, as well as a large bathroom with tub, shower and toilet. Next to the bathroom there is a space provided for washing and drying. One of the bedrooms has a separate dressing room, and above the lounge is a storage attic.

The magnificent color decorations on the windows, combined with the brick walls and the beautifully landscaped courtyard, give a magical radiance to this unique home.

Internal distribution of the house:

First floor:
1. Entrance hall - 7.82m²; 2. Foyer - 8.27m²; 3. Room - 9.74m²; 4. Kitchen - 10.26m²; 5. Dining room - 11.54m²; 6. Living room / Living room - 28.65m²; 7. Boiler room - 5.69m²; 8.Killer - 2.08m²; 9.Bathroom - 4.02m²; 10. Garage - 22.17m²

First floor usable area: 82.39m² + garage (22.17m²) + boiler room (5.69m²)

Attic floor:
1. Entrance hall - 4.95m² (5.15m²); 2.Bathroom - 8.29m² (11.65m²); 3. Room 17.44m² (24.11m²); 4. Room -13.12m² (16.24m²); 5. Room - 18.89m² (25.87m²); 6. Wardrobe - 3.54m² (8.47m²); 7. Washing / Drying - 4.39m² (10.83m²); 8. Attic / warehouse - 8.27m² (10.53m²).

Useful attic area: 70.62m² (112.85m²) + Attic / storage - 8.27m² (10.53m²)

Usable area: 153m²
Roof area: 249m²
Cubic Capacity: 568m³
House Height: 8m
Roof angle: 40 °

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