This is a project of a magnificent mansard house and 4 bedrooms, which also has a garage and a lovely yard. The use of the attic level allows the optimization of the volumes and the achievement of a functional internal distribution at a building area of ​​just over 100 sq.m. with a garage. The first level is divided mainly into the living area, which consists of a separate kitchen and dining area and an associated living room, which is at the same time exported to an extremely bright, octagonal shaped room. The floor also has a large bathroom with toilet, boiler room, as well as a bedroom at the end of the connecting corridor - just where the stairs to the attic floor begin. On the latter, around the central corridor / entrance hall, there are three more bedrooms, as well as another large bathroom with toilet, both of which are functionally separated and a washing machine is provided.

The yard is beautifully arranged and at the same time simple, and this, together with the terrace in front of the living room, makes it one of the good examples of beautiful houses and gardens in a relatively small area.

Internal distribution of the house:
First floor:
1.Antre - 4.80m²; 2 Corridor - 10.85m²; - 12.70m²; 4.Hall - 20.10m²; 5.Dining room - 15.20m²; 6.bathroom - 6.05m²; 7.Boiler - 3.80m²; 8.state / bedroom - 11.85m²

Total Living Area: 85.35m² + 9.Garage - 21.45m²

Attic floor:
1 Corridor / Lobby - 6.30m²; 2.state / bedroom - 16.10m²; 3.state / bedroom - 11.25m²; 4.state / bedroom - 11.75m²; 5.bathroom - 7.90m²

Total: 53.3m²

Living space: 138.65m²
Net area: 217.50m²
Volume: 790.15 cubic meters
Building height: 7,92m

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