Zelenika complex near Varna combines the modern way of life with the tranquility of the house in nature

Endless blue sea, soothing forest greenery, vast space and perfect light, modern road infrastructure, comfort, coziness and tranquility of life in a house. If you think it is impossible to combine all these elements in one modern home, we will prove you wrong. Let us tell you about the modern complex of multi-family houses "Zelenika", located near Varna's Asparuhovo district. The five houses in the complex rise among a large green yard with an area of ​​over 4500 square meters, and the pool, recreation areas and barbecue, as well as parking spaces for all homes, contribute to the comfort, relaxation, tranquility and comfort of those living in the complex.

"The main idea was to build family homes in a green environment, as close as possible to the feeling of living in a house and at the same time using the common infrastructure," said VELUX Bulgaria, a partner in the project for the construction of modern Varna residential complex "Zelenika" .

The feeling of living in light and space

The spacious apartments with large rooms create a comfortable and cozy home atmosphere, and the abundant sunlight and the vast space to the beautiful Varna Bay and the captivating colorful lights of night Varna turn the attic floors of the complex into a real paradise and island of tranquility.

VELUX roof windows, which are equipped with attics in the complex, offer stunning views of the blue sea, the sky and the emerald green on the hill near our beautiful sea capital. Located in bedrooms, children's rooms and bathrooms, these windows import light and space at home. They create wonderful conditions for relaxation with the family after a long busy day, for invigorating children's games in healthy indoor climate or for complete relaxation with a fragrant bath under the hairy rays of the sunset and immersed in the aromas of the evening sea.

The sunroofs are equipped with a unique top control, and the elegant top handle allows easy and quick opening and closing with one hand whenever needed. The built-in ventilation system facilitates the entry of fresh air even when the window is closed and contributes to a healthy indoor climate in the home. The freshness and cleanliness of the premises are additionally guaranteed by a special filter against dust and insects, and the position for easy cleaning of the window makes the housework related to the cleanliness of the home a pleasant and easy activity.

Regulating the indoor climate and achieving ideal conditions for work and rest also becomes easy and convenient thanks to the different types of indoor blinds and exterior roller blindswith which the roof windows are equipped. They stop the heat and strong sunlight on hot summer days and create coolness in the home. Nothing prevents you from enjoying a warm summer day and relaxing in the comfort of coolness and dim summer light.

The balcony on the ceiling - an oasis in the infinity of the beach

If you want to open your attic home to space and light outside, your invaluable helper is the window-balcony VELUX Cabrio. It opens in seconds, turning the sloping skylight into a small but cozy balcony. With two easy movements, the upper element of the Cabrio window turns into a canopy, and the lower - into an elegant and comfortable railing. So for just a moment your attic will get a wonderful balcony through which you will let the world and nature into your home. There you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and the salty aroma of the sea, immerse yourself in the freshness of the surrounding greenery, refresh yourself with a cup of morning coffee for the day ahead or admire the starry space above you in the cool of the evening.

High quality materials and energy efficiency

"The high quality of the materials used and the performance in accordance with modern standards in construction determine the low energy costs of the homes in the Zelenika complex and the sustainability of the investment," said the project partners.

The use of VELUX roof windows with their high energy efficiency indicators greatly increases the possibilities for passive energy saving. In addition, the triple glazing of all windows in buildings, characterized by a low solar factor and low heat transfer coefficient, also improves energy efficiency, which meets the requirements set in the construction of the so-called. "Passive houses".

The solar collectors with which the complex is equipped, in turn, contribute to the efficient provision of domestic hot water for household purposes.

"The main driving force for the choice of architecture is to preserve the silhouette with the environment," said the chief designer of the architectural firm A1 Architects. "The challenge was that the view is to the north, and to preserve it, the southern exposure is lost, and here the skylights helped a lot to preserve the silhouette of the terrain and made it easier for us." The whole complex, consisting of 5 buildings, is designed with a sloping roof with an angle of 45 degrees so as to provide a solution that does not place an additional burden on the territory. "  

The combination of all the listed innovative elements, built into the homes of Zelenika complex, complemented by the beautiful view of Varna and the bay, the greenery and the silence of the area, make it the ideal place to live in an urban environment, but close to nature. The direct access to the complex from the road Asparuhovo - Galata, the proximity to the beach of Asparuhovo and the public transport stop, located only 150 meters from the complex, are also an important element that weighs when choosing a home in "Zelenika".


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