The open space outside allows you to arrange the furniture on the porch in a certain style that is different from that in your home. What will you decorate the porch with and what style will you choose? With carved wooden chairs and a low table, with beautiful handmade ceramic dishes and glassware. Exotic touch with mosaic and colored lanterns that add magic after sunset. Or, perhaps, wicker wicker furniture decorated with eye-catching colored pillows. Classic metal furniture dressed in linen and colorful motifs. To create the warm feeling of the Caribbean in the backyard, you will need white rattan furniture with tropical colorful motifs of lime, watermelon and tangerine. Candlestick shells and a wooden canopy with striped textiles. Do not forget to plant beautiful and fragrant flowers - roses, lavender, chrysanthemums and various herbs. Arranging the porch in the style that attracts you, you will transform a corner of your garden into a fairytale magic, an oasis of tranquility and delight for the senses in the warm summer days.