This is an idea that can find application in both garden and urban jungle. These strawberries with drip irrigation can grow in the yard of your house or on your sun terrace. All you need is a little desire and a dose of diligence.

The things you need are:

Drill with wide hole plug (5-7cm) and 2-3mm drill bit.
Wide PVC pipe (about 120-150mm diameter). Its length will determine the height of your garden.
Wide tip for wide tube.
Thin PVC pipe (about 15 mm diameter) for the irrigation module. It should be about 8-10cm longer than the other.
A piece of geotextile (zebra would also do the job) with the right length for packing the irrigation pipe.
Cork, knife, tape, sofa, fertile soil, gravel.
Strawberry plants and optional, several accompanying other plants (Latin or calendula).

Method of production:

Vertical strawberry garden

Determine the height and cut the wide and thin tube, not forgetting the difference in length. Drill the small holes for the irrigation part. Only make holes in the above 2 / 3 as the water will flow down on its own. You can drill a small hole in the bottom end to keep the soil free of oxygen.
When done, wrap with the selected fabric - this will prevent the holes from the roots of the plants from being blocked. With a knife, make a crust and dip the bottom edge. Wrap with tape so it doesn't come out later.
Use the drill attachment to cut out staggered holes. Start at the lower end, with the first opening at 20 inches from the bottom and each subsequent one at about 20 cm from the previous one. Depending on the intended placement, you decide whether to drill all sides. If you plan to attach your strawberry garden to a solid wall, drill only that part of the wide PVC pipe that will have access to light.
Close the bottom end, straighten it, insert the thin irrigation tube inside and fill the bottom with an 10-centimeter gravel for drainage. Plant the soil and start sowing. It is recommended that the bottom line be of plants other than strawberries and unacceptable plants. If you are planning on creeping strawberry varieties, you should also leave a few blank holes where you can grasp the creeping roots. You can place your vertical garden in the selected location, but be sure to keep the bottom. There is nothing more unpleasant than scattered labor. Fasten securely.
You will need to water every day in warmer weather. Use a funnel to fill the small tube and enjoy the results of your work.