They are called living walls. And they're really alive! A constant exoticism and freshness, and the mood they bring with their presence in the home makes them irreplaceable. If you decide to build a living wall in your home, you certainly provide a feeling of coolness in summer, and in winter, just one look at the green wall will make your day less gray and cold. Vertical gardens are quite a spectacular facility, but once created and arranged do not require much care. The most important point before making a garden is to assess the durability of the wall on which it will be built. It is also important to choose the right location and make the right decision about the plants that will be included in the composition. The normal development of the vertical garden is influenced by the same environmental factors as the traditional one - light, heat, moisture. Usually watering and feeding them are part of the automated system that takes care of them, and your main duty is to enjoy them every day.