Here is an idea for you to create a fun and comfortable armchair. To do this, you need an inner tire or inflatable lifebuoy made of dense fabric and a textile (preferably woolen) ribbon or yarn. Inflate the tire or belt. If you inflate a tire, you will notice that it does not inflate symmetrically because the voltage is different around the valve and away from it, but this is normal. Once the chamber is full of air, start winding the textile tape parallel to the valve by tying the first ring in a knot and tying the end of each piece tightly to the beginning of the next, and cutting off the excess connections with scissors. Tighten tightly, but not too tightly, so that the tire retains its elasticity and the ability to change when sitting in it. Another detail is that the strips should always overlap slightly to prevent the appearance of rubber between the textiles. It is good to use multicolored ribbons, which you can combine depending on your color preferences. When you have finished the whole circumference, carefully wrap the valve, tie it in a knot and push the free ends under the already wound rings. If you use a belt, be sure to note where the valve is located, as additional inflation or depressurization may be required after some use.

Your new inflatable chair is ready!