We present this wonderful project of a house with an attic, 5 bedrooms and a double garage as an example of how, thanks to the optimal utilization of the areas in the attic space, a really spacious home can be built. The first floor is separated mainly for the living area, which together with the kitchen and the lobby in front of it is over 70 square meters, and also has a direct approach to a beautiful covered veranda overlooking the beautiful garden. Opposite the living part of the house are located the double garage, connected to the lobby by a boiler room and / or storage room, a large room / bedroom and a separate toilet. The centrally positioned staircase leads to the attic level, where 4 more bedrooms, a large bathroom, wardrobes and other useful areas are fan-shaped. Two of the bedrooms have neat little balconies, and the other two are lit and ventilated by skylights.

Internal distribution of the house:
First floor:
1st entrance - 4.49m²; 2. foyer - 12.26m²; 3.kitchen - 13.62m²; 4.killer - 1.98m²; 5. living room with dining area - 47.00m²; 6.room / bedroom- 17.42m²; 7.WC - 2.75m²; 8. boiler room / warehouse - 12.06m²; 9. double garage - 36.30m².

Total: 147.88m²

Attic floor:
1. corridor / entrance hall - 5.80m²; 2nd bedroom - 12.43m²; 3. wardrobe - 4.36m²; 4. bedroom - 13.65m²; 5. wardrobe - 2.08m²; 6. bedroom - 20.14m²; 7. bedroom - 9.21m²; 8. bath - 6.67m²; 9. auxiliary attic - 5.05m².

Total: 79.39m²

Living space: 173.86m²
Built-up area: 201.47m²
Building Height: 9.53m
Volume: 745.10m³
Cover angle: 42 °

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