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For home and garden

    For home and garden. Home and garden ideas. Yard and garden ideas. Decorations and decoration in the garden. Garden furniture.

    Unique, cheap and practical wooden domed house

    In the following lines we will present a unique domed house built

    Yard and garden design ideas

    Everyone who wants a beautiful yard and garden has to

    An idea for an outdoor corner with a gazebo and a pond

    If you have enough space in your yard and garden

    The idea of ​​a porch with a barbecue on the porch

    The idea behind this design is the barbecue and outdoor seating area

    Decorations in the garden with a storm or barrel

    In several previous posts, we have presented you with different ideas for reuse

    Garden design and design ideas

    To design a beautiful and functional garden is necessary in advance

    Garden fountain ideas

    We present some ideas for a garden sink and faucet. Regarding

    Garden path made of washers

    Making a garden path of tree washers is one comparative

    Ideas for garden islands

    The garden island is a composition of flowers, shrubs, trees, stones, logs

    Hand trolley decorations in the garden

    Ideas for decorating the garden with a handcart. Can be

    Colored gardens and terraces

    Presented gardens and terraces can only be described by

    Simple, practical and very charming

    Small and beautiful, these houses evoke a sense of coziness and

    Wheel ideas in the garden

    If your old bike is long overdue then

    Table ideas and log benches

    The current ideas for table and bench use

    Wagon ideas in the garden

    An original and impressive idea of ​​garden decoration. Can be

    Garden Arbor Ideas

    Arbor and barbecue ideas in the garden. If you have

    Ideas for a bridge in the garden

    If you have a water pool in the yard - pond, stream, fountain,

    Garden pallet bar

    Making a garden pallet bar is easy, cheap and easy

    Flower Bedding Ideas

    Making a flower-shaped flower bed is an idea that

    Fountain Garden Ideas

    The sound of running water on a fountain creates a feeling of calm, he recalls

    Drip irrigation with plastic bottle

    The idea of ​​a bottle drip irrigation presented here is effective

    Decorating garden beds with plastic bottles

    For gardening and in particular for garden beds

    Ideas for a garden fountain of clay pots

    The ideas for a clay pot garden fountain shown here are

    Design ideas for a garden with gravel and river stones

    Ideas for shaping the garden with the help of gravel and

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